Deer Hunter Classic App Reviews

180 add

Getting aweful

Its getting aweful. Pvp mode is not even human vs human and its balance is just soo


Energy is stopping me from playing your game!

Good but has sound bugs

After playing for a few hunts and leaving the game to let the energy bar refill, the game wouldnt make any sounds anymore, I tried turning off my device a few times and doing everything I could think of, it still didnt work, deer hunter reloaded also had this problem, but no one seems to care about that game anymore, but its a major problem with a game like this thats still getting regular updates and is this popular


Dosnt want to refill energy for the past 2 weeks what a drag


Its cool


I just cant stand it anymore...please make it to where ads pop up in the middle of gameplay and make me lose the hunt!!! Im having withdrawal symptoms just taking time away from the ads to write this review. Wait!!! I have an even better idea. Why not have the app play ads play on our phone 24/7 when were not even using it!! That would just make life sooooo much better. Please put a rush on this update!!! Also, dont worry about making game able to transfer from one device to another. People dont ever upgrade their phones so they dont need to be able to transfer.

Fun game

This game is fun. Im not a fan of gore, and thankfully this game is fairly minimal with the gore aspect. I am still learning the new pvp mode and figuring out what the mods do.


the app is sume turabel

Cant. Stop. Playing.

If I could play this game for a living I would! Please hire me! But Ill need some time off in season. Hahahaha. Seriously great game, great design & graphics, love it!

Great Game

Very good graphics and very entertaining too! I highly recommend getting this game. The only thing is that there is an energy limit. If there was no energy limit I would Never stop playing this game!


cant save on gamecenter



Great game

Great and fun game. Very addicting

Dear hunter classic

Just spent $23.00 and now game wont even come up to play. Loved game till it screwed me royaly


New PVP is great!!! But on regular regions it has gotten out of hand on upgrading guns. Instead of winning bucks to pay for upgrades now you have to do two different hunts to upgrade your guns. Thats the reason I stopped playing DH 2016. May have to stop playing classic now

New Regions

I love this game along with its counterpart Deer Hunter 2017, something I would love to see Is 40+ regions, New Hidden Regions and new animals For Example: Standard Regions Masai Mara The Great Wall Ngorongoro Crater Tibetan Plateau Yellowstone Hidden Regions Ancient China Animals Giant Panda African Forest Elephant Mountain Gorilla

Keeps crashing....

Dont know what the deal is. But this game keeps crashing 20 seconds into the hunt. Disappointing....


The new update is terrible everyday I have to download all regions and game again a again Every day with is boring and to much date consume


This is the same game as deer hunter 2014 with a even more ads. Dont download this game. Its a waste of storage and data.

It Was good and simple

The new update has Really Screwed this game up. I have spent money and many hours playing it. No good instructions on how to use the multi colored coins and before the update stuff was lots cheaper to purchase. They have priced themselves out of my business. All the guns are now over priced. I will be deleting it and shall not return.

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