Deer Hunter Classic App Reviews

180 add




Très bon jeu



Iphone 4

Muito bom !!!


Fantástico muito bom mesmo

Room for one more add!

Why not put one more add to cover the rest of the screen, then no one would be tempted to attempt this game!!! Greedy buggers!

The new version has more bugs than the last one

Every time I win a round or upgrade my weapon, the game forces a restart :( Please fix!

Thanks a lot!!

I was on level sixteen, Id just unlocked South Africa, then the game crashed. And when I went back on I was back at THE VERY BEGINNING! Back at level one! Can you please do something? I loved this game but I can only give it a two star now. Its a great game otherwise though

Like the FPS!

FPS is amazing!


Love the game, but I wish I could link my Facebook with it.

The Hunting of the deers

Worlds best game. Enough said

Great game

Great hunting game and it is really fun to play

Best Game

The best hunting game Ive ever played

Good game

Ive been playing the game for a while and yes it Suxs that to get anywhere fast you have to buy things. But just take your time and enjoy it. Its better when youve earned that awesome gun

Deer hunter

Would be nice if you could download your previous progress from the cloud

Please fix

Could you fix the glitches where the game freezes and crashes and shuts down. None of the updates seem to fix this at all.


Très bon


Fun, but its just another freemium game that wants only your money. Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOUNDS?! I know there used to be sounds when upgrading, buying weapons, starting missions, or clicking menu buttons.

Hunting magic!

Great game! Great visual! Hard to put down!

I love the game it fun to play. I play it a lot . But u should really make it a little more of a challenge towards lvl 30 my dad is done a reign in a couple of hours flat.

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